Van der Sloot: she is never more to find

Joran van der Sloot thinks the body of Natalee Holloway never is found.

This ruling was Sunday to see and hear in the tv program, crime reporter Peter r. de Vries.

A friend of his has the body of the girl thrown into the sea off the coast of Aruba, according to Joran. , Where I also know not exactly. It runs all probably even more beautiful than I had thought, '' he said, after Justice had dismissed the case against him, against Patrick van der Eem, who took up the statements.

Van der Sloot also said that he has not killed Natalee, but that they suddenly died. ,, I just knew she was dead, '' said Van der Sloot. According to his own words he still tried to resuscitate her, thus

Van der Sloot regarded Patrick van der Eem as a friend. Van der Eem now appears to have worked with Dave.

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