Half population are watching Fitna not

Four in ten Dutch people are going to the movie by Geert Wilders at least in part as that appears on the internet.

The half goes the anti Quran film not view. There is such a 55 percent it's a good idea if ' Fitna ' in a space in the Second Room is displayed. That turns out Sunday from a poll by Maurice de Hond.

Initially, the premiere in the Hague Press Center nieuwspoort take place, but security costs were the PVV leader too high. Several MPs, including D66-Group President Alexander Pechthold, then ran for the movie in the second Room. If Wilders this opportunity, the half of the Dutch that he needs to use. Among voters of the PVV this percentage is 66 percent. About 37 percent of respondents find the Room no right place for display.

Moreover, says 94 percent of the supporters of Wilders the film to go and see on the internet. About 65 percent of Christian Union voters know for sure the movie to go see. Under Dutch Labour party voters this percentage is 58 percent, according to Trouw.nl.

Canine weekly poll of Room seats shows little shifts. The PvdA and VVD will win a seat and come from 22 and 17 seats respectively. The CDA remains at 29, the SP at 7 pm and the PVV to 15. Rita Verdonk delivers with a seat in Netherlands and proud of her movement would at elections eighteen seats. Also Green Left loses a seat and stands at ten. The Christian Union remains stable at seven seats, D66 on nine and the SGP and the party for the animals pick up like last week in the poll of the dog two Chair.

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