' Muslims are on the same level and that is dangerous '

' No difference between kippa or skullcap and headscarf '

Producer and producer Harry de Winter, President of the Advisory Board of the Foundation Another Jewish Sound, today on the front page of the Volkskrant a remarkable ad. This sets the Winter the criticism of Geert Wilders on Muslims in line with anti-Semitism, thus Volkskrant.nl.

What would you do with it?

"We Jewish people know that this kind of discrimination can lead. Wilders argues that the Muslim must be addressed and that the Quran a fascist book. So once the persecution of the Jews began, by the generalise. That is why it is time for a louder sound from Jewish circle. If you call anything about Jews or Israel, you are considered and dismissed as anti-Semite. It is good that this sense of Justice is so strong, but for me there is no difference between the yarmulke and the headscarf. "

What are the effects of generalization, which according to you?

' When I talk with Muslims, I notice that many hardly still with the faith, but because of Wilders feel forced. Or they walk around afraid if they harden and radicalize. Last week it was me too much. Muslims are on the same level and that is dangerous. The Muslim community would also have to speak out more openly against terrorism. '

What do you hope to achieve?

' I hope that we get support from the whole Jewish circle. That would at least so. Because we can recognize us here like no other in. '

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