Converts to Christianity Loubna Berrada

To the question what faith they now confess, she replies: ' I say not. I'll be there for nine years.

Ex-Muslim Loubna Berrada (known from the Committee for Ex-Muslims) is nowadays in the Lord. This weekend sent them a confession to her (political) friends, said

' If you write it, then you should also pay my security ', warns us Loubna Berrada on Easter Monday. The co-founder of the Committee for Ex-Muslims by Ehsan Jami is not served by publicity surrounding her conversion to Christianity. ' I don't want to do this in the open. '

Yet she wrote last weekend a touching and almost relieved email to her political friends of the VVD. Berrada, who with Jami broke because he claimed "too much attention" and islam a pain in discussion, does a (indeed in some countries) not harmless confession. Following the Papal canonization of the Italian ex-Muslim Magdi Allam, last Easter weekend, writes Allan, who is also a member of the integration Committee of the VVD:

' Best people, still and now perhaps even more Muslims who will repent or turn away from islam under threat. See here piece (on the conversion of Allam-a moslimkritische journalist-to Catholicism, ed.), for me personally a whole encouragement to read this, given that I've made the same step and never will be able to speak in public about because of threats. Have a nice Easter:)

Greetings Loubna. '

A courageous position, where they also after the email still doesn't want to talk about, at least not publicly. ' I don't feel like it. My family is threatened with death following my involvement in the Committee. For myself, I think it is not the worst of it. The most concerns, I am to my area. '

To the question what faith they now confess, she replies: ' I say not. I'll be there for nine years. You have nothing do with it, all snap I get your point. Really, if you write down that then you have a problem. ' If we give her a day to do her story possible in anonymity, the converted Muslim the next day all of a sudden very dogged by sms: ' I have unfortunately decided to forgo further cooperation. Essentially your compelling show has me do that decisions. SVP also not call. My boss (Berrada works as an advisor for an IT recruitment agency) States that not on price. '

On the question that we want to force her not sending text messages they then all of a sudden: ' I do my story somewhere else. '

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