Balkenende proud of Dutch Muslims

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende is proud of the way Muslim organizations in the Netherlands have responded to ' Fitna '.

During his weekly press conference he repeatedly praised the response of "worthy" of Dutch Muslims, said

Muslims generally get the shoulders on koran film. The Contact body Muslims and Government (CMO) that the movie ' into '. "I am proud of the people who in this way respond to the situation", said Balkenende. According to the premier, it is important that the next time ' the debate ' is entered into involving difficult issues from the integration debate ' appointed '.

The Dutch Muslim Council does not agree with the CMO. The Council considers that the general reaction that ' Fitna ' is bad, shows that it is normal in Netherlands to make hurtful about islam.

Most ministers have viewed the film Thursday night right after that to 19.00 hours on the internet had appeared. The CDA ministers Maria van der Hoeven, Piet Hein Donner, Gerda Verburg and left Friday after the Council of Ministers, however, know that they had not seen the film.

The two Deputy Prime Ministers Wouter Bos (PvdA) and André Rouvoet (Christenunie) gave a negative review. "The film is a miserable attempt at an image of islam that the vast majority of Muslims in the Netherlands is not in recognize," said Woods. Rouvoet was made the work ' very violently '. He disapproved the suggestion from the movie that everything that has to do with islam, is linked to terrorism. Rouvoet also praised the ' mature response ' of Muslim organizations.

Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst (PvdA) announced that the film to date has not led to incidents. They expressed the hope that the quiet remains. Balkenende endorsed this, but at the same time said that attention should not lower our guard. According to him, there is now a ' in between '. The premier wants to first see how the debate further. "There is reason for continual alertness."

Queen Beatrix is also informed about the film. The statement that Balkenende made Thursday evening, is sent to the Duchess. Subsequently, the premier had telephone contact with the Palace Friday morning Beatrix and catching up. It is unclear whether the Queen also to ' Fitna ' has looked. "I don't know. And if I would know, I am doing no communications on. "

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