Girlfriend shot man in Amsterdam out of danger
Shot Amsterdammer known of the police
Mom with abducted children in Belgium get caught
Cain: preferably Dutch champion
Police think of mistake at garage murder Amsterdam
Khalid Cain fastest of Netherlands
Fuss to ' homohaat flyer ' Amsterdam-West
More than 75 messages about antihomoflyer Amsterdam
Ambulances too often too late in largest cities
Two Dutchmen to kidnapping toddler Insiya
Men held for antihomoflyer Amsterdam
"Multiple wounded shooting Amsterdam '
Suspects after shooting water café
Woman killed in Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Agent gets punished for shooting
Shishalounge close because of shooting incident
Arrests after brawl in the Ummah-mosque in Amsterdam
Islamic school in holiday shot at
Insiya kidnapping suspects longer
Amsterdam in consultation with Muslim community
Muslims appreciate solidarity action
Badr Hari hear today verdict
' Badr Hari wants criminal fast serving '
Amsterdam picks radicalisation online to
Night of the refugee expands
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