Morocco is making recycling work: 70,000 jobs on arrival
Morocco 100 percent green energy use can have in 2050
Arnold Schwarzenegger attended COP22 in Morocco
Safaa Hanaa launches new song for COP22
FBI present at COP22
Royal Gendarmerie pulls out all the stops for COP22 in Morocco (video)
King will preside on 15 november COP22
COP22: what is that? (video)
John Kerry present at COP22 in Marrakech
Weekend full of festivities in Marrakech (video)
Opening COP22 yesterday in Marrakech (video)
Marrakesh temporarily anywhere extra lit (video)
False alarm in COP22
French president Hollande next week expected in Morocco
French president Hollande will offer sculpture to King Mohammed VI
Tomorrow, more than 1 million trees planted throughout Morocco
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will arrive in Morocco Saturday
Placement 1 million trees in Morocco (video)
Moroccan presents 100% electric car at COP22
Much interest from world media for COP22 in Marrakech
Ban Ki-Moon pays tribute to King Mohammed VI (video)
Port Tanger goes ' environmental awareness to get started
King Mohammed VI gives speech on COP22 (video)
COP22:12 regions of Morocco focus on green economy (video)
Baby talk and Hollande in Marrakech on approach terrorism
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