Badr Hari far from at its mouth cases during press conference (video)
Combative Badr Hari to the word opposite Glory (video)
Badr and Rico ready after staredown and weighting (video)
Badr Hari vs. Rico Verhoeven wont show up at Arryadia!
Fight Badr Hari also keeps the tempers in Morocco working (video)
By arm-injury prevented Badr comes back: ' Get well soon, hit the gym and knock him out! '
In the shadow of the main party: thumbs up for Baby winner!
Spotlight: Baby calls after profit party Verhoeven ring in and challenges him (video)
Upcoming: Rico Verhoeven versus Ismael Lafferty at the end of may (video)
Lafferty about fight with Verhoeven: ' I come for profit ' (video)
Glory Collision 41: press conference staredown and Verhoeven vs. Laide (video)
Matchday: Lafrance vs. Verhoeven, follow it all live on Ziggo Sports
Glory Collision 41: Lafferty is handsome standing against winner Verhoeven
Glory: New fight Badr Hari-Rico Verhoeven in March 2018
Glory Collision: Party Baby vs. Verhoeven official, exact date follows
Glory Redemption: staredown Baby vs. Verhoeven (video)
Glory Redemption: Baby looks ahead to clash with Verhoeven (video)
Glory Redemption: Baby vs. Verhoeven also tonight on Arryadia (video)
Spotlight: Badr Hari signs with Glory, first fight March next year
Glory Redemption: Verhoeven too strong for Baby and challenges Badr from
Verhoeven: ' Fight did not turn to Netherlands-Morocco, that is narrow-minded '
Baby: ' am ready, still have a bone to pick with'm '
Glory 51: Badr Hari affects old friend Analise Gad in Rotterdam
Baby: ' have the sport and the fans deficit with it done "(video)
Glory 51 Rotterdam: view here live the press conference of Badr Hari (video)
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