' Immigrant majority R'dam in 2012 '
' We Netherlands cost billions '
' Still little contact between Moroccans and natives '
Amsterdam does word ' allochtoon ' under the spell
More people pass civic integration exam
New migrants dramas on Mediterranean Sea
Illegal migrants cross border to Ceuta
Record number of migrants drowned in 2016
Baby: sugar subsidy away for direct benefits to orphans and widows
Trump makes short work of illegal immigrants
' Premium ' illegal Departure Moroccans disappears
Save citizens in Sidi Slimane unemployed man who fires himself out of desperation
Minister Strobl would return sick migrant
Italian coast guard rescues 1000 migrants
400 migrants storming Sebta (video)
Migrants integrate well, but it could be better
Spanish newspaper: Morocco is ' pioneer ' in regularization of undocumented immigrants
' Immigrant criminal more often the cell in '
Moroccan Government realized building 195 mosques in 2016
5000 migrants drowned in the Mediterranean Sea
66 sub-Saharan migrants rescued by the Royal Navy in Dakhla
Border crossing Sebta again stormed by migrants (video)
Regularization migrants: validity residence permit increases to 3 years
Two Moroccans arrested that migrant smuggling wanted Spain
EU slaps Greece over alarm migrants
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