Morocco is interested in taking over Greek submarines
El Othmani's first speech for the Council of Ministers (video)
POLISARIO throws oil on the fire by possible blockade border with Morocco and Mauritania
Serie A: T fit enough for clash with Juventus Sunday Benatia's
Al Hoceima: 1000 young people hired in Tangier free zone
PNEA: ' of the Moroccan students smokes 15%, 13% used drugs and skips over 22% '
Moroccan Ministry of Health wants to eliminate Hepatitis C virus in 2030
Drunk Ferrari driver and 2 police officers arrested after accident in Rabat
€40 million for irrigation project to adapt to climate change
' Main Moroccan Government wants to grant sugar and grain on the shovel do '
Spotlight: ' Benatia and Ziyech v party to Morocco again against Orange and Cameroon '
UEFA Champions League: Dirar and Benatia punches through to semi-final v/h miljardenbal
Opening of the 7th regional book fair in Guelmim
Mobile application in sale to waste sign
Morocco focuses increasingly on golf holidays (video)
Seizure of more than 2 tons of hashish in Tetouan
Air Arabia Maroc: new line between Fes and Amsterdam from 14 June
Seizure of a large quantity of rotten meat in El Jadida
Man run over by train in sale
Terrorism: new cell dismantled this morning in Tetouan
FRMF considering ' free access ' for Morocco exhibition game vs. Orange
Invasion of dangerous ' Jellyfish ' on beaches in Safi and El Jadida
World bank praises good relationship with Morocco
Municipality officer Casablanca mistreated by French-Moroccan police officer
Morocco wants to liberalise all in June starting with value v/d dirham
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