Muslims scare away from imam mosque in France
' My mother is afraid that I now go to hell '
Rutte: ' Hate palaces pronunciation of Wilders is terrible '
Outdoor pray from now banned in Paris
Walibi comes with prayer room for Muslims
Moroccan mosque Lead wild after undercover in Netherlands
Exploratory investigation into Al-Raza mosque after undercover in Netherlands
Imams come with fatwa against illegal marriages in mosques
President Al-Raza Mosque on non-active
SGP does a ' Wildersje ': abolish prayer call mosque
Husband calls in full Morocco mosque that he is God
King gives to kick off the construction of a mosque in Dar Es Salaam
Four-year sentence for fire bombs against mosque
Worshippers protest in Fes after discharge imam (videos)
Cabinet wants more openness foreign support to mosques
Hassan II mosque in Casablanca will be energy-saving
Council of Moroccan Mosques Netherlands responds to pronunciation Wilders
King Mohammed VI reopens Obot Hamra mosque in Casablanca
Arrests after brawl in the Ummah-mosque in Amsterdam
Shooter mosque Zurich found dead
Mosque Al-Munais organizes benefit for the home stretch! (video)
Moroccan Government realized building 195 mosques in 2016
Raise money in mosques after fire Culemborg
Still no arrests after burn Culemborg
More than 280,000 euros for mosque Culemborg
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