' Allah does not like women '
Swimming in "burkini" turned out to be shocking
Far right advances in polder villages
' Muslims are on the same level and that is dangerous '
Converts to Christianity Loubna Berrada
Eshan Jami comes with anti-Islam cartoon
' Mufti ' Marcouch offended by Imam Fawaz
' Nude paintings shifted after Muslims ' complaints
Saudi father kills daughter to repentance
Judge: no hand, no job
"Let Muslims pray at work '
Also orthodox Muslims must get ' space '
Woman in Burka denied on PTA meeting
Bolkestein against schools for Muslims
Van der Laan challenges Wilders out for duel
Muslim Party aims for 2010 elections
French politicians concerned about increase in Zyl '' s
Dream country Morocco allows pious Muslim disappoint
' No Islamic Republic Of Netherlands '
'' A Muslim should not accept ' democracy '
Cartoonist: ' Muslims have to get used to satire '
The Hague stops separate swimming
Doctor refuses Utrecht mahaffey with burka
' My mother is afraid that I now go to hell '
Angry Muslims menace cartoonist
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