' Allah does not like women '
Far right advances in polder villages
Eshan Jami comes with anti-Islam cartoon
' Nude paintings shifted after Muslims ' complaints
Also orthodox Muslims must get ' space '
Bolkestein against schools for Muslims
Van der Laan challenges Wilders out for duel
'' A Muslim should not accept ' democracy '
Cartoonist: ' Muslims have to get used to satire '
Angry Muslims menace cartoonist
Hero Brinkman: you are a guest here
Muslims concerned about Sugar party at 9/11
No ban on ritual slaughter
Riots after offensive Jew movie about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Dutch Muslims protest against insulting film
Muslim body gets hard forward to new Cabinet
' More and more Muslims are converted to Christian faith '
Islam fastest growing religion in Great Britain (video)
' Dutch people Shun Muslims prefer '
Old Bible brings truth, Jesus never crucified '
Three Muslims mercilessly shot dead in US
Islam grows hard: about 30 years almost as big as Christianity
Controversial statement Trump back online
Dozens of deaths by fighting Myanmar
Reisvriendelijkste African country Morocco for Muslims
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