Man shoots at home neighbors due to noise
Man on fire in barber shop
Noteworthy: firearm and ammunition in cell inmate
-Efficient passenger checks in burning bus
Crooks growing drugs in air raid shelter Defense
Boy (15) for gas station robbery
Man gets 14 years for killing love rival
Coke between coffee beans for Douwe Egberts
Dangerous work-out balancing on a roof in Tangier (videos)
Bizarre: lightning hits moving car in Morocco (video)
Marrakech: 7 months imprisonment for woman with 2 men is married
Noteworthy: 38% percent of prisoners Fes and Meknes in custody
Research use of human feces as fertilizer after possible for watermelons
Noteworthy: ' the Cannabric ' in Morocco, bricks made of cannabis
Girl (10) kills animals on day care center
Casablanca: amputeert wife the sex organ of her beloved
Marrakech: disappearance of body of deceased baby from hospital
Moroccan postman burn post so he has more time for a game
Casablanca: 16 year old teen sticks a friend dead after fight over cigarette by 1 dirham
Notable: Lions v/d Atlas in top 10 of international shishagebruikers
Noteworthy: a parrot recites whole chapters from the Koran (video)
Emergency landing to argue for adultery
Police officers in Rabat were given extra 4000 dirham on account
Azemmour: death penalty for murder and cannibalism on 14-year-old boy
Noteworthy: innocent Moroccans in Spain are mistaken for terrorists by SOAP
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