Half population are watching Fitna not
Wilders is finally prosecuted
Wilders: '' tens of millions of Muslims must Europe ''
' Half Muslims contemplating departure '
' We Netherlands cost billions '
Enthralled VVD and PvdA
Precautions for Muslims about profit PVV
Cohen: winners VVD and PVV to put
Wilders late Hague Council left with financial hangover
Wilders: golf against islam is not stopping
Discussion on PVV and Breivik breaks loose
Rutte: ' Hate palaces pronunciation of Wilders is terrible '
Queen Beatrix with headscarf in mosque
Moroccans debate starts late but brings nothing on
Wilders stirreth grassroots back on: ' Less Moroccans! ' (video)
Criminal process ' less Moroccans ' Geert Wilders goes through
Zionist long arm sends Wilders huge donation
Wilders does not come to his lawsuit
Statements Wilders reviewed by the judge
6474 declarations against Geert Wilders
' Fear after Wilders-pronunciation takes on '
To start with indictment in case-Wilders
Geert Wilders gets to hear strafeis
To: 3 out of 4 charges Wilders proven
5000 euro fine for Geertje
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