Koenders warns of foreigners fear
Death toll equals almost Mediterranean 2015
All refugees away from camp Calais
Belgium is going to battle it out with Moroccan asylum seekers
First buses leave Aleppo with evacuees
UN arsenal about resettling refugees
Intended for refugees villa burnt out
Turkey has more than 3.5 million refugees
Spanish and Moroccan authorities cooperate in the fight against Nigerian human trafficking
894 sent refugees to Europe Turkey
Refugees service may check mobile phones
More than 11,000 Syrian refugees treated at a field hospital Zaatari Moroccan in January
Refugees Germany often target violence
European Parliament President praises Morocco immigration approach
Turkey threatens to send refugees to EU
Morocco speaks out about inhuman treatment Syrian refugees at border by Algeria
The shocking images that prove the involvement of the Algerian Army (video)
Syrian refugee kicks it to successful shoe maker in Casablanca
Increasing concerns about fate Syrian refugees at border Algeria
Syrian opposition leader asks King Mohammed VI for help (video)
Spanish authorities have great crossing boat migrants from Morocco
More than 250 Moroccans detained by Libyan authorities, more than a month fixed
Messi and Neymar take part in campaign to support refugees (video)
Boat with 126 refugees is search
King Mohammed VI gives access to Syrian refugees on Moroccan-Algerian border
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