Weather ' mule ' wife died in border crossing Sebta
Bab Sebta: border-crossing point Tarajal II closed after dramatic incident (video)
Again storming of fences at border with Sebta
Sebta: Morocco started construction of new border-crossing point
A Griffon Vulture rescued by employees of company in Sebta
Spain has expelled 1200 Moroccans in 2016
Young Moroccan clogged 24 kg of chira in spare wheel in Sebta
Men and women separated from now allowed in enclave Sebta
New storming border crossing, 300 migrants reached Spanish territory Sebta
Spain and Morocco prevent 300 migrants cross the border in Sebta
29 migrants in a month time in Sebta arrived on a Jet Ski
Group migrants sprint border to Spanish enclave of Sebta (video)
Moroccans and Algerians from Sebta: police gets clogged fairground attractions (video)
Sebta: blockade of goods transport for a week by ' migration pressure '
Long queues at the border post of Bab Sebta (video)
Two ' mule ' women died in Bab Sebta
Sebta: Tarajal border crossing closed for 20 days
Spain is 12 million mired in sharpening surveillance Sebta
Bab Sebta after new measures open again
Bab Sebta: attempts to sums of money to smuggle
Sebta: Spain wants the transition point ' Tarajal ' expanding
Holds 200 migrants against Morocco at Sebta
More than 500 refugees reach South Spain
Morocco and Spain hold 300 migrants again against Sebta
Moroccan goods carrier shot at at border crossing Sebta
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