' Suicide attack in mausoleum Khomeini '
' Too clever ' girl commits suicide
Despite rumors much uncertainty over death Abate
Police gives clarity: Abate certainly committed suicide
Moroccan waitress commits suicide in café
Sad family drama in hair salon
Moroccan girl commits suicide after forced marriage
Family issues driving young Moroccan to self-immolation
Student in Rabat lights himself on fire
First hearing of young woman who wanted to commit suicide in Agadir
New suicide drama of 13 year old teen girl jerks Marrakesh
Slaughter woman and man commits suicide in Skhirat
Policeman hangs himself on in Sidi Slimane
Berkane: two suicides in the same neighborhood in 24 hours
Bizarre suicide attempt in Moroccan prison
American tourist commits suicide in Marrakech
Française found dead in marina in Agadir
Research school dead pupil takes months
School rocked by suicide teacher
Suicide attempt in Casablanca Morocco in Africa Cup after shutdown
Police thwarts suicide bombing in Paris
Suicide of a prisoner convicted of terrorism in Kenitra
' Angel ': All rapists condemns to 10 years in prison
Ten visually impaired do attempt at collective suicide in Marrakech
Wealthy businessman murdered in Safi
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