Mensenrechtenchef UN: ' Trump is dangerous '
Four women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault
Furious Trump: his sick accusers liars
Low point in USA: young people want to prefer Meteor than Clinton or Trump
Polling stations open doors in U.S.
Trump fast becoming to White House
American media: Trump wins elections
Room hopes on fast clarity rate Trump
Trump inauguration on 20 January
Legal Europe happy with triumph Trump
Brussels invites Trump rushed out for top
Muslim prohibition no longer on website Trump
Many reports of racism after winning Trump
Controversial statement Trump back online
Man shot at anti-Trumpprotest
Demonstration at Trump for the door
Poll: minute shift after winning Trump
Trump makes short work of illegal immigrants
Ankara warns citizens for U.S.
Climate Conference calls for solidarity
Putin praises Trump yet again
King Mohammed VI calls with Donald Trump
Trump against Israel: keep still as full of
Trump: no more prisoners released from Guantanamo
Many Americans want to end Trumps twittering
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