CIA boss: Trump must watch his words
' More solidarity in EU by Trumps criticism '
Inauguration security costs over 100 million
Dutch protests after Trump took office
Women protest worldwide at Trump
Administration Trump wants to intensify military cooperation with Morocco
Trump launches anti migration policy
American petition to Trump-video Lubach
Mexico-wall: long, high and expensive
Iranian actress boycott Oscars because of Trump
Trump: Muslim countries not welcome visitors
KLM refuses passengers from seven Islamic countries on the way to US
Slack response Netherlands: Koenders ' concerned ' about legality ban VS
Amnesty warns of catastrophic consequences moslimban US
Right VS moslimban raises partly on
Tech companies angry anti Muslim plan to Trump
Rutte points American moslimban off
Demonstration at Schiphol entry ban against Trump
Hearing-room Trump re-entry ban
Demo against Trump moved to Malieveld
Iranians fly back stranded at Schiphol
Morocco will be supportive in defense occupied al-Quds
Several thousand protest at Trump-Malieveld
World-wide follow-up for Trump-motion pictures Lubach
Judge temporarily suspends travel ban US, victims may weather boarding
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